Friday, 14th December 2018


For¬† when a man¬† knows not his own first principle,¬† and when the conclusion and intermediate steps are also constructed out of he knows not what, how can he imagine that such a fabric of convention can ever become science?¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† — Plato

The following Resources is a depository of tools for academic research…with a twist of¬† DKOT.

A quick reminder of our mission statement:

Our organization takes a look at historical events that deserve to be questioned, probed and discussed to shed new light or perspective into the event. We welcome input from all levels of interest as not one view is ever to be considered fact but opinion and every opinion is meant to be challenged to preserve and stimulate A Different Kind Of Thinking (DKOT).

To “shed new light or perspective” into what occurred in the past is nothing short then a barrell filled with a passion for history, research, determination and intellectual free thinking….not to forget being damn lucky!

If these tools that we continue to add on to help you in your passion to fill in the many gaps in the mysteries in history then enjoy. All we ask is that you assist us in adding to these for the benefit to those who have the same passion. Use the form below and provide comments and links to helpful resources.

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