Friday, 14th December 2018


Our Mission

Our organization takes a look at historical events that deserve to be questioned, probed and discussed to shed new light or perspective into the event. We welcome input from all levels of interest as not one view is ever to be considered fact but opinion and every opinion is meant to be challenged to preserve and stimulate A Different Kind Of Thinking.

Our Offerings

What we offer, on our dime (feel free to donate), is a depository of interesting subjects that parent related articles under which we welcome and encourage our readers thoughts on the subject matter.We offer an array of subject matter and may at times get caught up in one particular area too long. For this we don’t ask forgiveness, we ask that you bring new subject matter to the arena – this is the quickest way to “take the wheel” and steer us on to a new subject. But please remember – no subject is ever concluded as everyone has a different perspective or “kind of thinking.”

Our objective

To shed academic free thinking on subjects that we spotlight or headline. Simple!

If you would like to submit an article or suggest a subject that our researchers can investigate please do so by completing the form below.

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